Companies are in business for a specific purpose - to provide a service or product to individuals or other organizations. Information and Document Management is a necessary function of operations of any business. However, this is not their specialty. In this case DCS becomes an "extension" of their business to perform this function for them. There are several possible scenarios of what a company may need.

It could be any one of the following, or a combination.

Scanning Services
All Of These Files Can Be Easily Available In Electronic Form - Contact Us For More Information

A Company simply wants to be able to look at an image of their document on their computer for reference purposes only. We will scan their documents for them and return the images to them on CD-ROM or some other media. Another possibility is that we will host the company’s documents on the web and they will have access to their documents via the web with password protection.

Data Entry Services
Take Your Old And Current Documents To The Next Level - From Boxes Taking Up Valuable Space To Electronic Media

Data needs to be extracted from the documents for populating a database for computational, order filling, and research purposes. Also known as Forms Processing.

A combination of the above two scenarios. A Company wants to be able to have the data as well as view the images as support/verification of the data.

Scanning and Data Entry
Keep Your Records On Your Own Computers And/Or Servers, OR Access Your Information At Any Time From A Remote Location

A company may want an internal solution, yet have such a large backlog of data and forms to process/scan that they will require outside assistance from DCS to get them caught up to date. Another scenario may be that an organization has a system but at times they need additional help. DCS will assist such an organization during peak times.

Document Conversion Solutions -