Document Conversion Solutions (DCS) partners with organizations to help them get rid of their paper storage problems and give them instant access to their files and the ability to efficiently disseminate that information.


Many Companies today face the increasingly high costs associated with inefficient document management. The limitations of a paper dependent office include space, accessibility, and primarily productivity. Filing cabinets take up valuable space and are often unorganized. Accessibility becomes an issue when multiple users require access to the same document. Furthermore, employees waste valuable company time searching for business critical information.


Our goal at DCS is to provide a company with the ability to instantly access business critical information. Rather than spending time LOOKING for information, an employee can spend their time USING that information.


Imagine never leaving your desk again to find a document. You would simply retrieve the document on your computer. You can then review, print, fax, or e-mail the document. Consider a work environment without filing cabinets or document storage headaches!

" A recent Price Waterhouse study required a paralegal to find 20 documents out of 20,000. After 67 hours of searching, the paralegal found 15 of the requested 20 documents. Given the same task, an optical imaging system found all 20 documents in less than 3 seconds."
---Imaging Product News Magazine
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